Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday, I interviewed two sources for our local news story assignment. The first source I knew well. The second source, however, was a stranger I met while purchasing coffee in the Science Center. Beforehand, I predicted that the first interview would be a relaxed endeavor while the second would be a harrowing disaster. I was only half-right.

My interview of the first source went as expected. We discussed the AARP study. He also shared personal anecdotes of his numerous employees over the years. The conversation eventually focused on the turbulent atmosphere he experienced in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a student at Boston University. I enjoyed catching up with an old friend. With that interview behind me, I did not look forward to talking to strangers.

My second source fell into that category.

Although I stammered through my initial introduction, I was surprised to see how accommodating my second source was. It was almost like she wanted me to do well. Our conversation evolved organically from a Q & A about the AARP study to society’s perception of youthful entitlement. This previously unknown person soon became my coffee companion for a small part of the evening.

In the end, the experience reminded me of the opening scene in “Fight Club” where Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden referred to Edward Norton as his “single-serving friend.” I only hope that my third source proves to be just like their brief relationship, but without the punch to the face.

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