Saturday, June 27, 2015

Discovering Unicorns

I got up early Saturday morning to walk a mile to Porter Square. First, I needed caffeine and something fried. Dunkin’ Donuts had an ample supply of both. Second, I wanted to see the local businesses on the road home. The next writing deadline would be here soon!

Thirty minutes later, with Dunkaccino consumed and French Cruller crumbs on my shirt, I took a leisurely stroll down Massachusetts Avenue back to campus. Numerous shops lined both sides of the road. One of them had to be interesting!

A Chinese restaurant was the first to catch my eye. It didn’t look like a chain store. I could interview folks and order some pork fried rice for later. That was interesting enough for me!

I pulled on the door. Locked. I pushed. Still locked. The restaurant wasn’t open. My plan fell apart before it even took flight! I lamented both this terrible setback and no fried rice.

My disappointment didn’t last long. One block later, I discovered a unicorn!

Photo Source: Abe Navarro

A record store! A bona fide record store! Sun-worn album covers served as a backdrop for a weathered RCA Victrola dog statue displayed in the window. Jazz echoed from within.

I thought digital music technology rendered these stores extinct! Up to this point, the last record store I saw was Championship Vinyl featured in the John Cusack movie “High Fidelity.” Apparently, a real one survived the digital revolution.

I reached into my backpack and pulled out a pen and note pad. “This is going to be so cool,” I whispered.

The moment I entered, that prediction came true.

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