Saturday, June 27, 2015


I interviewed an HR manager for the AARP press release story who made a comment about age-related stereotypes, repeating the notion that some people question the work ethic of younger employees (echoing Brooke's complaint in an earlier class). The whole issue reminds me of an article that appeared in the Economist years ago about video games, and made me think the parents of baby boomers (who are now the parents themselves) probably told them they were lazy, too.

Defending video games - Breeding evil?

There's no solid evidence that video games are bad for people, and they may be positively good

“IT IS an evil influence on the youth of our country.” A politician condemning video gaming? Actually, a clergyman denouncing rock and roll 50 years ago. But the sentiment could just as easily have been voiced by Hillary Clinton in the past few weeks, as she blamed video games for “a silent epidemic of media desensitisation” and “stealing the innocence of our children”.

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