Thursday, July 2, 2015


Objectivity in the media is an important topic, but it feels intangible in a way. No person is perfectly objective, yet we rely on the news media to be. This sets up a dilemma for journalists. Interestingly, when I think about objectivity, I think about Ayn Rand. Many dispute her for being heartless and almost in-human in her beliefs, but in fairness she believed in total and complete objectivity. For her, this meant that those who contribute most to society should keep all of their talents and riches to themselves, as it was not their responsibility to share or help, nor would it be rational to be so charitable. She would let society collapse for the benefit of the intelligent and wealthy.

I do not believe that this degree of objectivity has any place in the news. I think that to be completely objective about tragedy, especially, is out of place. Being human means that we are called to be sympathetic to victims, kind to innocents and children, etc. Humanity is not objective.

Obviously, however, in the treatment of social and political issues, it is important to remain impartial so as not to influence others, unless you are transparent about your background and intentions.

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