Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Return to the Future of Media Tech

No doubt, a number of technologies are shaping the future of media. But as to what exactly that future will look like is anybody's guess. 20 years ago, no one could have predicted accurately Google's omniscient dominance of our Internet existence, nor Facebook's, Instagram's, or Amazon's ever-present company in our daily lives.

One thing is certain however. There will be more convergence of digital media and technology. The Internet will continue to drive the future of media technology. The Internet of Everything will continue to evolve and impact out physical world. And digital, micro-sized, nano-tech-powered bearable gadgets will become commonplace, some (or more and more) of them embedded in our bodies. 

The role of data will continue to grow too. 

Speaking specifically about the future of social media, Mike Laurie, a digital planner at UK Integrated Agency JPMH, made a comment that is also true of the future of media technology: It "will be effortless and everywhere." 

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